Riverwalk Student Ministries

A Riverwalk Church of Christ Ministry

Riverwalk Student Ministry is a ministry built around the purpose of intentionally discipling teenagers.  While we understand nothing can replace relational discipleship, we believe that our corporate activity structure lends itself to supplementing that discipleship.  It accomplishes this by focusing on what we believe are the three primary aspects of discipleship: Narrative - Implementing and re-enforcing a teaching which stresses the life story Jesus lived and has planned for us; Practice - The application of that narrative; Community - Practicing intentional and Christian relationships with each other.

Our objective is to help produce and support teenagers in facilitating a fully devoted discipleship of Jesus. As Kendra Creasy Dean writes, "their lives will portray God as loving, powerful, and active in the world; they [will] talk about their church communities as spiritually and relationally significant. They [will] sense a divinely appointed purpose in their lives, and they [will] bear witness to a hopeful future.”


Youth and Family Minister


Jonathan Reynolds

joined the RiverWalk ministry staff as Youth and Family Minister in January of 2014. Jonathan graduated from Oklahoma Christian University in 2013, prior to which Jonathan served summer internships at Western Heights Church of Christ and Vancouver Church of Christ, as well as two years service at Memorial Road Church of Christ.  Though he looks to be twelve, he is in fact twice that age, and one and three fourths as mature. Jonathan got married in 2018 and has begrudgingly added a cat to his household. His favorite area of study are the spiritual disciplines; more specifically, contemplative prayer.